Live Broadcast December 14th, 2019

Our second love broadcast improved significantly. We went from 3 to 7 cameras plus a computer feed and a redesigned sound setup. The quality of the videos was much better compared with the first stream in spring 2019. There were only a few minor glitches that can easily be addressed for the next live broadcast in spring 2020. Special thanks go to all performing students, the teachers that made the performances all possible, the video crew, the school’s administration and last but not least the Core Church Tampa with lead Pastor Dr. Greg Phelps.

The programs of this recitals can be reviewed here.

Our technical crew did an outstanding job and made this video production possible. They had to work for six consecutive recitals with a total duration of about 6.5 hours. Video crew members are all students of the Westchase Music School and also were performing that day. Below you see crew in action on the control table for switching 8 cameras, regulating sound levels of 8 microphones and the web presenter with announcements before and after the recital.

Westchase Music School Live Broadcast

This was our Video Crew for the 2019 December recital: Jiya Giridharan – Technical Director and Video Switcher, Sanaa Lehri – Web Presenter and Light Controller, Aditya Bagga – Sound Mixer, Rahul Rannjith Kumar – Sen. Camera Operator, Alex Le – Camera Operator, Valeria Marinucci – Camera Operator, Hana Struga – Camera Operator, Adley Nalywajko – Camera Operator and Bryce Nalywajko – Technical Assistant.

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