23 Feb 2020

For about two recitals, I have worked as a Technical Director. What I do is I take live footage from the many cameras recording at the recital and I use transitions to switch between the different angles. The footage that I create then streams live on YouTube. This job may sound easy, but it has its difficulties.

You can’t slack even for a second, you need to be active and focused. It is of paramount importance that you remember what camera has what angle, and when you need to switch between them. Being a Camera Operator in the past allowed me to realize that their job is more than just pushing a record button. I believe that everyone works together and delivers a stream of good quality. To be honest, I had to make sure that there was an equal balance between how much I used each angle. At times, it was a challenge, but after a while, I got the hang of it and ended up having a great time. I highly enjoyed this experience and I will definitely do it again next recital.

Jiya Giridharan, Technical Director